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Started 2013, Ended 2017

Mosaic’s secondary school group mentoring program: 

Focuses on developing the skills and aspirations of young adolescents living in the poorest regions of the United Kingdom.

The program has attracted 2,000 students from 104 schools, providing 750 highly skilled instructors with a small group of high school students, working together to motivate students and to support their self-confidence and develop their social skills. The counsellors serve as positive role models for young people to help them increase their chances of getting a job when they enter life.

Ex-Offender Mentoring Program: 

The program focuses on transferring juvenile youth from prison life to social life. The initiative includes appointing one mentor (aged 18-35) to oversee a Muslim event, personally for one year, and help him overcome the difficult stage he faces following his release and rehabilitation into society, A total of 192 supervisors were provided to supervise 150 prisoners from 11 prisons, where the guides worked to escort the convict to important meetings and to provide practical support and assistance in his quest for training and employment.

School Business Challenge Program in Jordan (Started 2014, Ended 2017):

The Business Challenge program, run by the British Mosaic Foundation and INJAZ, has been working for one year to address the problem of rising unemployment in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan by planting the seeds of entrepreneurship and investment acumen in the minds of young people. A total of 50 business counselors worked with 1852 students aged between 15 and 17 from 50 secondary schools and youth institutions throughout the two dozen governorates of Jordan.