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Destination Imagination

Key Information

  • Starting On 2014 till 2019 /2020
  • Global education empowerment program for school students (age:5- university)
  • Operates in 16 countries
  •  Has 15,277 teams worldwide
  • 1.5 million-strong alumnus

Activities & Beneficiaries

  • Types of exercises and challenges: Technical, Scientific, Structural, Fine arts, Improvisation, Service learning, Rising stars
  • Skills gained: teamwork, innovation, project management, life skills
  • Acquiring key 21st-century proficiencies such as critical thinking, communication, creativity, leadership etc.…

About the Program

Destination Imagination (DI) is an international project-based learning experience that applies the creative process across seven different Challenge.

DI aims to empower students and provide them with the required skills for easy integration into the job market.

Program goals

  1. Empower students and help them in acquiring key 21st-century skills.
  2. Provide students with activities that allow them to thrive in school and on a personal level.

Learning Outcomes

Improvisation, engineering innovation, theatrical techniques, project management, performance, drama, teamwork, time management, acting, budget management, etc...

Number of participants in the program

  • Number of participating schools 2014-2018: 244 school.
  • Number of participating school teams 2014-2018: 768  (The team consists of 2-7 members)