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Categories and Prize Values

Appraisal Committee

Appraisal committees are formed annually by a decision from the College of Education at Qatar University and approved by the Award Trusteeship Council, and it consists of a number of specialized and experienced members.

Award categories:

  1. Academic researchers from colleges of education, institutes or research centres.
  2. School principals, teachers and professional practitioners.
  3. Postgraduate students.
  4. “Excellence in Educational Research” award

Award Value for each category:

Academic Category:

  • First Prize 50,000 QR
  • Second Prize 40,000 QR
  • Third Prize 30,000 QR

School principals, teachers, and professional practitioners:

  • First Prize 25,000 QR
  • Second Prize 20,000 QR
  • Third Prize 15,000 QR

Postgraduate students:

  • First Prize 20,000 QR
  • Second Prize 15,000 QR
  • Third Prize 10,000 QR

“Excellence in Educational Research”:

  • One Prize 75,000 QR