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Dawaii Project

Based on the role of the Al-Faisal Without Borders Foundation for Charitable Activities in activating the charitable aspect by helping patients within the State of Qatar, through the launch of such a project which falls under the Zakat category of the Poor and Needy.

Our goal in this project lies in being the link between the poor patients from various nationalities and the authorities concerned with the provision and sale of medicines and medical devices within the State of Qatar; in order to help the needy patients who are not able to bear the costs of treatment; aiming to help in alleviation of their pain and drawing a smile on their faces.

Project Goals

The main purpose of this project is to contribute to charitable work within the local community and rooting the spirit of teamwork in the country. This comes within our partnership with the Primary Care Corporation who identifies the priority of the cases in regards to zakat spending. Therefore, the main objectives of this project are as follows:

  1. Providing societal support by contributing to providing the healing causes for the needy.
  2. Reviving the spirit of solidarity and cooperation among the segments of society by supporting this project.

Patients Selection Criteria

  1. Patients nominated from the official medical authorities in the country (Hamad Medical Corporation - Ministry of Public Health).
  2. Patients with chronic diseases.
  3. Patients with limited income and the unemployed.

Number of beneficiaries so far: 9 patients