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AlFaisal Social Responsibility Center

Al Faisal Center for Social Responsibility is the first center in Qatar that is concerned with social responsibility.

It works under the umbrella of Al Faisal Without Borders Foundation for Charitable Works "Alf"; and it is concerned with raising the level of community participation of individuals within the State of Qatar. It is a true translation of the Qatar Vision 2030. 


To be a pioneer and reference for social responsibility in Qatar and a global model to be emulated.


Promote individuals and institutions in the field of social responsibility by creating stimulating environments to attract creative projects and initiatives through implementation plans in cooperation with partners.


  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability


Raise the level of community participation among the society members.
Commitment to social responsibility at the individual and community level.
Cooperation and building community partnerships with the relevant authorities.
Incubating, innovating and implementing sustainable community initiatives that contribute to achieving Qatar's vision.