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Definition and Objectives of The Award

The education research award is granted annually to distinguished researchers in scientific research, including academic researchers, teachers, school administrators, or professional practitioners; with the aim of promoting research and knowledge production, improving educational practices, and developing educational policies.

Award Goals

  1. Activating educational research among students in colleges & educational institutes and members of the teaching staff.
  2. Motivating workers in the educational field to produce educational knowledge that is compatible with the nature of the educational system in the Arab world.
  3. Promoting the dissemination of educational production in the Arab world and defining it regionally and globally.
  4. Enhancing the trend towards developing Gulf educational theories.
  5. Motivating teachers to conduct procedural research related to the educational field.
  6. Enhancing the trend towards relying on research results in developing educational practices, making educational decisions and developing educational policies.
  7. Enhancing the trend towards exchanging successful educational experiences between educational sectors in the Arab World countries. 
  8. Encouraging the formation of research teams from different countries of the Arab world at the level of academics and professional practitioners.
  9. Encouraging comparative studies between Arab countries.