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Board of Trustees and its Functions

The award is supervised by a board of trustees chaired by Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani and the membership of five experienced and competent members, noting that the membership term in the council is three years, renewable for a second period.

Tasks of the Award Board of Trustees:

  1. Accrediting experienced and specialized appraisal committee
  2. Approving the award winners lists.
  3. Developing the award in light of the appraisal committees ’proposals.
  • Chairman of the Board of Trustees
    His Excellency / Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani
  • Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees
    Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education
    His Excellency Dr. Ibrahim bin Saleh Al-Nuaimi
  • Member
    Dean of the College of Education
    Dr. Ahmed Al-Emadi
  • Member
    Assistant Dean for Research and Postgraduate Studies - College of Education 
    Prof. Ahmed Majria
  • Member 
    Assistant Undersecretary for Educational AffairsThe Ministry of Education and Higher Education 
    Mrs. Fawzia Abdulaziz Al-Khater
  • Member
    Secretary-General of the Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science 
    Dr. Hamda Al-Sulaiti
  • Member 
    President of the Community College 
    Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Nuaimi
  • Member  
    President of the College of the North Atlantic 
    Dr. Khalifa Nasser Al-Khalifa
  • Member  
    General Manager - Al-Faisal Without Borders Foundation 
    Engineer / Abdul Latif Al-Yafei